Free Webinar: Employment Law and Workers’ Compensation Update on COVID-19
Friday, April 10, 2020
10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time

Please join Bernadette M. O’Brien, Esq., SPHR, of Floyd Skeren Manukian Langevin, along with Senior Partners John B. Floyd, Esq. and Amanda A. Manukian, Esq., with special guest Rene T. Folse, J.D., Ph.D., and Brittany Cufaude, CEO of Joyful Classrooms for updated information (due to the circumstances, there is new information daily) on important topics for employers, human resources administrators, and risk managers on COVID-19 topics including:

  • What workplace laws may be triggered by COVID-19, and what are the updates?
  • A review of potential workers’ compensation issues related to COVID-19, including: A possible presumption that a COVID-19 exposure or positive test is employment-related for essential workers; will there be a surge in COVID-19 WC claims; what about 132a claims and discrimination against an infected employee or employee who is perceived to have COVID-19; defense strategies including “ubiquitous vs. peculiar risk doctrine”; practical guidance for claims adjusters and employers on handling COVID-19 claims;
  • What leave may an employee be entitled to who is ill, or who needs to care for a family member who is ill with COVID-19, and what are the updates?
  • What does the new federal law, “Families First Coronavirus Response Act”, provide for eligible employees in terms of paid sick leave and family and medical leave?
  • What leave may be required for parents with children home from school?
  • Can employers require that an employee’s temperature be taken before beginning their work shift?
  • Can employers send employees home who appear sick with a cold or flu?
  • Can employers require a release to return to work from an employee if COVID-19 is suspected and the employee is requesting to return to work?
  • If the workforce shuts down, must employees be paid, and what about benefits?
  • Information on workers who are 65 and older or at a higher risk for exposure to coronavirus;
  • Guidance on responding to employees who are concerned that a co-worker has COVID-19, or who do not want to report to work because of coronavirus fear, or who request to work remotely;
  • Considerations for a remote workforce;
  • Furloughs versus layoffs, the WARN Act and CARES;
  • Information for employers and employees about educational and training tools for children at home due to school closures, along with some examples.

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